2006 Sebastiani – Alexander Valley Cabernet Sauvignon

I just finished installing our new kitchen faucet and for whatever reason I’m hankering for some vino.  I guess I’m on a Sebastiani kick, but the wife wouldn’t let me open up the 2005 Secolo, so I found this bottle in the “cellar.”

2006 Sebastiani Alexander Valley Cabernet Sauvignon

Not sure what the blend is, but it says aged for 13 months in French oak.  All I know is that it has that great Alexander Valley mouth feel.  I just love it.

Okay, so here goes. (sniffy sniff anyone?) I’d say the nose has a touch of that licorice or anise seed smell, powered by a  big fruity character, probably currant with black cherry.  There is a hint of sweet leather or sweet pipe tobacco at the end.

It tastes so good.  It starts a bit slow but picks up some steam with big ripe fruit and that fantastic Alexander Valley mid palate tannins, and covers the tongue through the finish with that stone/minerality that is typical of the AVA.

I’m guessing 88 points on the RP scale, a solid B+ A- on my “Steve Paulo” scale.

Enjoy this wine with a big thick Medium-Rare Fillet….  Yum!


5 thoughts on “2006 Sebastiani – Alexander Valley Cabernet Sauvignon

  1. I have a wine I want you to try soon, its 2006 Cabernet Sauvignon Howell Mountain from Stephen and Walker. We need to find a resaon to open it and drink it together!

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