2001 Gallo of Sonoma, Single Vineyard, Barrelli Creek Vineyard, Cabernet Sauvignon, Alexander Valley

This wine was one of those finds that reminds me of finding a $20 in your jeans pocket. Gallo has such a stigma attached to its name that in my earlier wino years, I would have most likely pooh-poohed just because of the name. Fortunately for me, my wife was working for Gallo Sales Co. at the time and we got a case of this Diamond.

The nose: Deep dark earth with a touch of mustiness (I’m not convinced this bottle isn’t corked but the wife says no) there is some kind of dark fruit that I can’t place, but maybe it’s currant or plum? The wood/leather is predominant.
The Taste: Black cherry definitely comes through here, the wood/leather changes into just leather with some tobacco box. The finish is extremely long with minerality or river stone
The Mouth Feel: Big tannins, this is a 2001… Okay, I called it. I couldn’t drink any more of that last bottle. I had one more in the cellar, I waffled on opening it but I’m so glad that I did… Let’s start over.
The Color:
The Nitty Gritty:

Okay, so this is the wine that I really wanted to review for you.

The Nose: Black Cherry predominates, there’s a hint of cigar tobacco with cedar box there is no musty notes on this!
The Taste: Great ripe almost Bing cherry on the tongue, the tannins start coming through just before mid-palate, still has the great river stone finish.
The Mouth Feel: Big tannins on this, the wine coats your mouth and leaves you with a supple velvet on the cheeks and sides of your tongue
The Color: Deep dark ruby red, no brown at the edges, there’s some sediment. Beautiful, actually!

The Nitty Gritty: I couldn’t find the nitty gritty, but here’s what I do have:
Alcohol 13.8%

Primary Grape, Cabernet Sauvignon (I’m guessing 100% Cab, but who knows)
Alexander Valley AVA, Sonoma County
Bottled in 2004 after 25 Months of Oak
Originally priced around $25

I really enjoy this wine (when it’s not corked). It has some great aging potential. The 2001 tannins are still huge and could definitely benefit from some more sleep. Alas, this was our last bottle.

I would score this a 90 on the 100pt scale and a strong B+ or A- on the Steve Paulo Scale.

2001 Gallo of Sonoma, Barrelli Creek, Cabernet Sauvignon

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