Spring IPA – Home Brew 2

Today is a beautiful day in Sonoma County.  I’ve been waiting to do my second brew and today is just perfect.

I got my new propane burner and have been itching to give it a go.  I had such a great brew from my first kit from The Beverage People but wanted a bigger hop character than their IPA kit delivered.  So I got another kit and got some extra Simcoe hops.  This batch got an extra 1/2 oz of these hops at 3o minutes into the boil.  It will get an extra dose at secondary fermentation in about a week.

Here’s some pics of the endeavor.

I take over the Kitchen when Brewing
Getting the Water Going
Adding the brewers barley "tea"

Boil Bubble, toil and trouble!

Good boil going strong
High Tech Wort Chiller

I love the way brewing beer smells…. Like a fresh loaf of bread in the oven!

Here’s one of the best reasons of brewing outdoors in Spring:

My boy!

Here’s to another great Brew.  Happy Spring All


Update:  Spring IPA – Home Brew 2 is in the bottle!

Assistant Brewmaster Michell filling up a Magnum of IPA. 5/16/2010.

10 Days of bottle conditioning and they should be ready for consumption, I can’t wait!

3 thoughts on “Spring IPA – Home Brew 2

    1. I tried to get it up to pre boil temps while my grain was steeping. It was totally steaming and looked like it was almost ready to boil, but then it still took another 10 minutes at full blast to get going. But once it did start boiling it stayed perfect!

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