2003 Sonoma-Cutrer, Founders Reserve Pinot Noir

So I got lucky tonight and class let out before 8:00 PM, that’s sweet!  Basically I was given back almost 2 hours of my life.  Anyhow, I popped over to Oliver’s Market Cotati to pick up some brews.  I grabbed a 420 / 35 of 12 ozers of IPA from one of my favorites, Lagunitas Brewery.  I forgot however (and was gently reminded by my wife) that I had some Pinot to drink!  Much to my surprise, I hadn’t reviewed this one yet, it was actually its cousin the 2005 Sonoma Coast Pinot.

So here it is, the Flagship Pinot over at lovely Sonoma-Cutrer.

2003 Sonoma-Cutrer, Founders Reserve, Pinot Noir

The Nose: This is a sucker punch of fruit!  Big spicy, deep red, black cherry vanilla with ripe plum piledrived straight up the nostrils.

The Taste: The fruit is upfront and gets a spicy kick on the front of the tongue, mid palate actually falls a bit short and finishes with a tannic minerality.

The Mouth Feel: For as big as the fruit is, the feel is that of a lighter wine, there is structured tanins (as mentioned above) which give this Burgundian styled Pinot some longevity.

The Color: Deep ruby red with a touch of brick.

The Nitty Gritty:
ABV 14.3%
Bottled Unfined and unfiltered.
Probably barrel aged in new and older French oak for about 8 Months — This is speculation
Price: $60, only available to current wine club members, online @ http://sonoma-cutrer.com

The Verdict: Yeah baby, this wine is goo–ood.  I’m always skeptical of wines over $50 bucks being worth their price tags, just because you can always find something that’s a better value (in my honest opinion anyhow).  This is a great wine, no doubt, even with a $60 price, I’ve seen Pinots for much more than that.  Probably a 90pt or B+ “Steve Paulo Scale”


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