2007 Rued, Sauvigonon Blanc, Dry Creek Valley

Just a quick wine review this time.  Paired this one up with the latest “Not Bad for a Thursday Night Dinner.”

I picked up this bottle a couple weekends ago on our wine tasting trip through Dry Creek Valley.  Rued was having a killer “sale” on their sauv blanc.  So it was a real no brainer.

2007 Rued, Dry Creek, Sauvigonon Blanc

The nose: Green apples and a slight hint of banana peel, like the inside of the banana peel, not the outside.  The banana peel really gets to me, it’s super subtle but I swear it’s in there.  Some minerality on the nose
The Taste: The apples come charging in here, crisp, fresh and green.  The flavors are really dancing on your tongue (well on mine anyhow)
The Mouth Feel: Light bodied wine, this would be a superior picnic vino, but paired well with my mirepoix chicken dinner
The Color: Light straw, pale yellow
The Nitty Gritty:
ABV 13.5 %
$16 Retail (0n their website https://www.ruedwinery.com/xe/xe.asp?page=viewitem&p=429&cat=wine) I believe we got it on sale for around $12 or so.

The Verdict: This wine is great.  A truly drinkable wine, I don’t know how much longer it’s got, not that it showed any signs of aging, but for an ’07 Sauv Blanc, great!

Points: 88
Steve Paulo Scale: B+


One thought on “2007 Rued, Sauvigonon Blanc, Dry Creek Valley

  1. I like your “inside of the banana peel” description. I can totally get what you’re saying, and can taste it right now. May have to pick up a bottle of this!

    Mike @supplewine

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