2007 La Posta del Viñatero – Cocina Blend

I picked up this bottle of Argentinian vino for our Cinco De Mayo “Not Bad” dinner but we never got around to opening it, so after a nice day of picking up a wine shipment at Michele-Schlumberger and dinner at Johnny Garlics (Pass, if you have the choice, there is definitely better food for your money, Sorry Guy.)

Anyhow, The wife said she wanted to take desert home and pop open a bottle of wine, and well, I’m always game for that.

So Here’s the wine

2007 La Posta del Viñatero – Cocina Blend (Kitchen Blend)

The nose: The nose is surprising, for only being %20 Syrah, it comes across very earthy and spicy dark ripe red fruit, strong cedar notes, there’s a hint of caramel or vanilla hiding between the Earth and Cedar.
The Taste: This wine is a slow starter, the complex nose doesn’t carry through in the taste, the spice is overpowered by wood and the fruit is lacking.
The Mouth Feel: The word that comes to mind is disjointed.  The wine grabs the tip of your tongue and skips the mid and back palate (weird).  There is a touch of tannins that hit the roof of your mouth and some nice minerality that sneaks around on your cheeks and hits the side of your tongue on the way out.
The Color: Dark, really deep dark purple, almost black at heart
The Nitty Gritty:
60% Malbec
20% Bonarda
20% Syrah
ABV 13.5 %
$12 Retail (I got this one at Oliver’s)
Produced and bottled by La Posta, Mendoza, Argentina

The Verdict: I can’t say that I have ever heard of Bondara before, but after doing a bit of research, this varietal is suggested to hail from Piamonte region of Italy.  Here’s a nice write up on Bondara http://www.argentinawineguide.com/resources/Bonarda.html

Anyhow, this wine is not epic by any means, nor is it my assumption that it’s supposed to be.  It’s called the Kitchen Blend for a reason.  A nice enjoyable red blend that would most likely pair well with some of the spicier red meat dishes you could throw at it.  At $12 bucks, I would say that this wine is worth the cake, and is a nice way to try some Argentinian wine with some grape variety that you won’t find elsewhere.

Solid 83 pts. , or B-

5/10/10 – A Quick follow up on this wine.

I reviewed it shortly after opening the bottle.  As the evening continued the wine really opened up and the fruit character made itself well known, the mouth feel didn’t really change much but the flavor profile I would have to change from “lacking fruit” to exceptional, there are notes of fig and a hint of blueberry.  The woody flavors became more muted.

7 thoughts on “2007 La Posta del Viñatero – Cocina Blend

  1. Brian-

    Don’t write of Bonarda based on this wine. They can be very good, and different than other things you may have tried. I recommend the Durigutti Bonarda, usually available for under $10.

    1. Yeah, I’d actually never heard of the varietal before, I am definitely going to do some more hunting about for it. This really turned out to be a yummy wine. We had the last of this bottle the next day and it had really changed from when I just opened it.

      I’m thinking about writing something about decanting dos and don’ts. Just need to figure out if there is actually some rules about it.


  2. Nice follow up after the wine opened – good to know the fruit came through. I haven’t had this vintage, but I was a big fan of the 2006 for the money. I’ll have to give this one a taste!

    Mike @supplewine

  3. Did you know Charbono, which can be found a little closer to home, is actually the same grab as Bonarda? Casa Nuestra and Summers in Napa are my favorites…

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