2007 De La Montanya Russian River Valley Pinot Noir – Tina’s Vineyard

So some friends of ours are wine club members at De La Montanya and they took us out for the annual BBQ and party they have at the small winery in RRV, although it’s really close to being Dry Creek.  I’ll have to double-check my GPS next time we’re there…  I digress, so we joined the club.  Alas, my lovely bride became pregnant (no coincidence to this party I assure you).  Anyhow, we called up to cancel our club membership to save up some cake for the impending child and they allowed us to reduce our membership to a “once a year” deal.  Thankfully we agreed to this.  We have since received a six-pack of yummy treats on a yearly basis.  Oh, and by the way, the scantily clad “clubmembers” on the labels of their Pin-up wines had nothing to do with this! 😉

Anyhow, here’s one of their awesome wines:

The nose: The first act to this nose is Cherry, fresh ripe Bing, second stage is spice a mix between Clove and allspice, to round out the show there is just a tease of vanilla.

The Taste: Oh yeah, this is exactly what I was craving.  Cherry, fruit is exceptionally predominant, with a quick flash of earth, tart fruit comes through with the spicy notes that are present on the nose.  The taste lingers fresh for a very long (exceptional) finish.

The Mouth Feel: Light and supple but not wimpy, this is a mid to light body Pinot but has enough backbone to stand up and let itself be known.  Really great viscous mouth feel lingers and replays tastes all over your tongue.  This thing begs to be consumed!

The Color: Lighter brick red with a touch of ruby, thinning at the edges.  I’d call this standard Russian River Pinot Color.

The Nitty Gritty:

14.4% ABV (wow! not even noticeable)
75 % Pommard Clonal
25% Dijon Clonal
“Southern Facing Vines”
Russian River AVA
Aged 11 months in French Oak
307 Cases Produced
$40 Retail

The Verdict:

Man this is some damned good Pinot Noir.  At $40 bucks it’s not the worlds least expensive RRV Pinot, but it does show some value.  I am far from a Pinot lover, but this is really freakin’ good.  It’s been a couple of minutes since my last sip and the flavors are still  playing around all over my palate.  Go get some of this wine!

92 Pts.  A-


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