A Thursday Night Apology


Just a quick note tonight and an apology of sorts.  I did not do dinner tonight, I took the day off to go play a round of golf!  I saw many of Livermore’s fabulous grapevines basking in the sun and enjoying a light breeze as I hacked my way around Poppy Ridge Golf Course.

Image from poppyridgegolf.com

I found a cool recipe, or recommendation for a balsamic glaze, so I will be adding that to spruce up next week’s dinner.

I’m almost done with my second semester in school, all of my prerequisite classes will be complete and I’ll really start getting into the MBA weeds  (kind of like I was today).

Anyhow, I’m really exited to be swapping blog posts with Tim Hilcove of http://weeklywinejournal.com next week, watch for it!  I should be reviewing two or three wines this week to, so that should be fun (at least for me).

Talk to you all soon!




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