Toad Hollow – Risque – Sparkling Wine

To start off, a continued apology for being absent for almost two weeks now.  I just finished my last final of the semester and thought a sparkling wine to celebrate the completion of this semester was only appropriate, don’t you?

So on our last wine tasting excursion we had a lovely day tasting our way through Dry Creek Valley and our last “mad dash” stop was at Toad Hollow’s tasting room.  A truly impulsive buy was a bottle of their sparkling wine Risque.

Risque is a French made wine from Limoux, produced and bottled by Les Vignerons du Sieur d’Arques and imported by Toad Hollow.  This sparkling is a sweet wine made in the Blanquette Methode Ancestrale, although it does not specify I’m assuming that the varietal is Mauzac Blanc.

The Nose: It’s hard to tease much out of the nose, there’s a yeasty character hiding behind some apple and bubbles.

The Taste: Wow, creamy bubbles!  Huge sweet apples that reminds me a lot like Martinelli’s Sparkling Cider, slight tart granny smith follows the big red delicious, there’s a taste of bitter apple peal.  It finishes out with yeasty bread.

The Mouth Feel: This is definitely more full bodied than any Champagne (or dry sparkling) I’ve ever had, the bubbles diminish and shrink in size as the wine coats your tongue.  Great follow through on this wine too, it lingers on the cheeks and leaves you wanting another sip.

The Color: Faint, very faint tint of palest of yellow, really looks almost like San Peligrino sparkling water.

The Nitty Gritty:
6% ABV
Definite Residual Sugar (sorry no specifics)
The Methode Ancestral is fermented without dosage
The bottle is a cool Grolsh style with closure
Retail online is between $11 – $17

The Verdict:

Yummy!  This would be a great summer sipper, serve it cold and enjoy.  And at $11 a good option if you want some bubbles in your vino.

85 Points, or B- (no stars, asterisks or quid-pro-quos).

PS.  Any wine glass companies reading this, I need some flutes!  My wife gets mad at me when I use the wedding china to taste 😉


2 thoughts on “Toad Hollow – Risque – Sparkling Wine

  1. That’s not our china…it’s our crystal. China is what you eat off, silver is what you eat with and crystal is what you drink from!

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