2008 Taft Street – Russian River Valley – Pinot Gris

Ah, nothing better than a great wine with a great dinner.  I knew I wanted a Pinot Gris, but because I’m a total rookie I just pick what looks good.  I thought I had it made and had one in the cellar (did I mention my cellar is just the closet), but alas it was a Pinot Blanc.  While the Pinot Blanc may have been just as good, this Pinot Gris kicked some serious ass.

Taft Street, 2008, Russian River Valley, Pinot Gris:

Taft Street
Taft Street Pinot Gris

The Nose: Tropical fruit runs out of the glass and up the nostrils, I would say something in the neighborhood of guava or papaya and a hint of banana somewhere in there.  A slight note of heat.

The Taste: Big luxurious fruit backed up with some cotton candy, some grapefruit (not ruby red here!) and banana peel, definite tartness and acidity.

The Mouth Feel: Viscous and slippery upfront leads to a mild mid-palate with the bitterness, clean finish, a touch hot on the back end.

The Color: Pale yellow with a suggestion of gold at the core, great color at the edges for such a pale wine.

The Nitty Gritty:
ABV 14.1% (on the bottle) 13.07% on the PDF from Taft St. Website*
I paid $14.99 at Oliver’s Mkt. $16 on Taft Street’s Website

The Verdict: This wine was just perfect for dinner and as an after dinner sipper is quite yummy. I’m guessing this would be amongst the classic “Summer Sippers” but is a nicely complex wine that has many facets that give it a unique character on its own.  I’d definitely buy it again.

89 Pts, B+  (A- for rocking my dinner) ; Other Awards, Best in Class, 2009 Sonoma County Harvest Fair

Taft Street Pinot Gris
A Lovely Wine!

* Reference: https://www.taftstreetwinery.com/files/pdf/08_rrv_pinot_gris.pdf


5 thoughts on “2008 Taft Street – Russian River Valley – Pinot Gris

  1. Nice review, I love how you can even see how chilled the bottle is in the photo. Too bad we don’t have the summer weather yet to pair with it, but it does look like a lovely Pinot Gris. By the way, I’m currently collecting samples for my upcoming Anything But Pinot Gris article. Look forward to your review of that Pinot Blanc!

    1. Thanks Tamara, I’ve been told I shouldn’t chill my whites so much, but sometimes a cold sipper is just what the doctor ordered!

      I’m always looking forward to anything you post!


  2. Brian,
    Thanks for the great comments. I think your description was absolutely perfect. I love making this wine! It makes up like this every year.

    Evelyn White (Taft Street Winemaker)

    1. Wow! Thanks Evelyn. Keep making yummy wines. I have been told I need to get my hands on your Pinot.

      I appreciate you taking some time out to make comments on my blog, it’s not every day I get feedback from the winemakers on my amateur commentary (in fact you’re the first…hopefully not the last).


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