2007 Concannon Shiraz, Selected Vineyards, Central Coast

I was exceptionally exited to receive my first “bottles” for sample from Concannon Vineyards and had high hopes to review and enjoy their offering.  In addition, while I was volunteering at the Russian River Valley Single Night I met Andrew and Marshall from Wine Soiree an in-bottle decanting system and they hooked me up with one of there decanting devices.  So I figured this would be the perfect time to give it a test.

Concannon Shiraz and Soiree
Concannon Shiraz and Soiree

Here we go, I poured myself one glass from the bottle then hooked up the Soiree decanter and poured another so I could do side-by-side comparison

The Nose: Potent character of alcohol, some suggestions of fruit but very faint
The Nose  (Soiree): Oh my god…  Well, there is no doubt this thing works, or at least does something.  Unfortunately, in this case, it doesn’t help this wine much.  I get strong cooked vegetables, probably green beans and band-aids, the alcohol is diminished on this nose in comparison.

The Taste: Taste of dark red fruit, black cherry and toasted oak wood, not vanilla but woody.
The Taste (Soiree): The taste here is similar to the glass without the Soiree but the harsh edges are rounded (seems a bit better, if that nose wasn’t wafting up my nostrils too)

The Mouth Feel:
This wine asserts itself with a sharp tartness, it’s a bit thin and overly hot, there is some acidity but it’s a bit unbalanced, the finish is long and is probably this wine’s best quality
The Mouth Feel (Soiree): The Soiree definitely makes this wine show differently in mouth feel.  The harshness is gone and makes the wine more smoothed out.

The Color: A ruby red and garnet color, clear and pretty, thin to pale pink at the edges
The Color (Soiree):
Nothing different here

The Nitty Gritty:
ABV 13.5%
Residual Sugar: 0.10 g/100ml
pH: 3.61
Released: 2010
Retail Price: $10
Available anywhere

The Verdict: Well, not a good showing for a $10 wine, even at the value price point, I could think of a few other wines I’d rather be drinking.  While I don’t think there were any major flaws this wine just did not suit me at all.

65 Pts, D

Concannon Shiraz
2007 Concannon Shiraz

As for the Soiree decanter.  It certainly opens up the wine and shakes things up.  I will use it in some of my future reviews, it certainly didn’t do this wine any favors, which I think goes to show that not all wines should be decanted.


Disclosure:  The wine in this review was provided as a sample with the intention of being reviewed.  The Soiree Wine decanter was swindled by me at #RRVSN from the Wine Soiree crew.


7 thoughts on “2007 Concannon Shiraz, Selected Vineyards, Central Coast

  1. Brian – I liked your format here. Too bad the wine wasn’t really worthy of consumption. I’ve had a few of them myself. You did a great job of balancing objectivity with being polite…I like that!


  2. Brian,

    I’d argue that this wine probably needed to be chilled a bit. What temp were you drinking this big boy at?

    As for the Soiree not doing any favors for this wine, well I leave that to your palate. But if you were drinking this bottle for rest of your life, it seems to me I know how you’d be serving it, with a Soiree.

    And no product will/should be able to transform wine in to a 92pt gem. And based on the price, well, you need to know what to expect. But aerating a BIG wine that is higher alcohol, big in extraction (skin tannin and probably a good dose of oak), I’d have to imagine this wine can use all the taming you can afford.

    Look forward to your further comments & thanks for pimping the Soiree.


    1. Andrew,
      Thanks for the comments. Probably drinking at 60F, not quite cellar temp but close. Definitely amazed at how well a little swirl in your decanter aerates the wine! I wasn’t expecting magic Robert Parker infusions but it certainly changed the wine’s character.

      You will see more Soiree comparisons in the future!


  3. Thanks for the review, forgot to say that! 🙂

    But also appreciate the reply. Sometimes people neglect to serve wine at a proper temp, so I just wanted to check on that, as I was hoping the ConCannon would show better.

    As for wine aeration, I always encourage people to trust their palate on any wine, and sometimes wines just don’t budge with aeration, which can be a lack of ripeness or bracing acidity. Yet, other times a wine can jump out of its skin (pun intended).

    Either way, looking forward to further comparisons and thanks again!


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