Lazy Independence Day Post a Recommendation and a Review “Not Bad for the 4th” (Part 1)

Howdy Y’all, I’ve been feeling exceptionally lazy and unmotivated to do much after finishing up my Summer inter-session class last week, but I did cook some great food over the weekend and definitely wanted to share this recipe for stuffed pork loin with you.  But first,  I don’t think it would be a good 4th of July without some good ass BBQ Ribs.  I was up at the Windsor, CA Farmer’s Market on Sunday morning and one of the vendors we stopped by was a Spicy little shop selling spices and spice blends.  The husband and wife team were fantastic and we chatted about cooking and wine for quite some time.  The husband, Patrick Fallon, Cellar Master over at that little winery Jordan, and his wife Kim, who writes a great little food blog over at  Anyhow, I picked up a couple of mixed rubs, one nice and spicy for ribs (see photos) and one mole (keep an eye out for a future “Not Bad”).

Sunday Night was ribs and 2007 Loxton Sonoma Hillside Vineyards, Sonoma Valley, Zinfandel

I did the ribs just a skosh different this time, I patted them dry with paper towels and then liberally coated the ribs with the “Red Rub.”

Baby Back Ribs
Rub Liberally yeah, rub it in!

The Red Rub is a mix of Ancho, Chipotle, Cayenne, Black Pepper and probably some other stuff (I’m sure it’s a secret).  Drop them an email at to pick some up for yourself.  Anyhow, I lathered up these bad boys, covered them up and let them soak up spice in the fridge for about three hours.

Anyhow, standard cooking here.  Fire up some coals in the chimney and once ready, put them off to one side for indirect heat grilling.  Sear ribs on both sides then put on the side furthest from the coals and cover.

ribs on the grill
Look good don't they?

Cook, turning around (bone side down) every 30-40 minutes, total cook time should be about 2 – 2 1/2 Hours.  Remove from heat, tent with foil and let stand for about 10 min.


I heated up some leftover Woodford Reserve BBQ Sauce, for me, and some Sweet Baby Ray’s for the wife in 3 oz ramekins to dip the ribs in.  Side dish of mashed taters and a side salad.  Paired this one up with a nice little Zinfandel from my buddy Chris Loxton over at Loxton Cellars from Sonoma Valley.  Yum!

not bad part1
Not Bad for a 4th of July (Part 1)

Check back tomorrow for the second part of this awesome weekend, a review of the Loxton Zinfandel.