2007 Loxton Sonoma Hillside Vineyards, Sonoma Valley, Zinfandel “Not Bad for the 4th (Part 2)

Not Bad for the 4th (Part 2)

I discovered a hidden gem of the Sonoma Valley, just off Highway 12 past Kenwood, CA is a little road that shoots off to the west/south-west called Dunbar Rd.  Dunbar Road is home to some great wineries and some great people.  Chris Loxton is one of them.  He has a small winery on Bruce England’s property, you should stop by and check him out.  He makes fantastic Zins, Syrahs and some yummy Port.  If you remember to, ask about the golden fire hydrant, it’s definitely a story worth hearing.  Loxton Cellars can be found online at http://www.loxtonwines.com/.

Without further ado…

2007 Loxton Sonoma Hillside Vineyards, Sonoma Valley, Zinfandel

2007 Loxton Zinfandel
2007 Loxton Zinfandel

The Nose: This wine has a huge spicy nose, chock full of blackberry jam with a large dose of fresh cracked black pepper.  There is a definite swath of anise lingering in the glass.

The Taste: Ripe and juicy blackberry and plumb, the black pepper asserts itself right behind the fruit, there is a subtle finish of vanilla.

The Mouth Feel: This wine is surprisingly thin for how the nose presents itself, but somewhat lacking in solid structure.  A light touch of tannins at the start that disappear by the mid-palate and a very supple jammy finish.

The Color: This is a beauty, a purple and burgundy gemstone.

The Nitty Gritty:
ABV 14.2%
465 Cases produced
$25 From Loxton’s Website

The Verdict:
Although a bit thin in the skin this wine is completely drinkable and is probably as good as it’s going to get.  It matched up great with my spicy ribs and was a great dinner guest.  It also paired nicely with the fireworks!  Even though it was a bit lackluster, I still heartily suggest you go out to Loxton Cellars for a visit.  Chat with Chris if you can, he has always been a great winemaker to talk wine with.  He will share his winemaking style and experiences with you gladly.

83 Pts. / B-

2007 Loxton Zinfandel
2007 Loxton Zinfandel


Check back tomorrow for the last installment of “Not Bad for the 4th,”  I’ll have the recipe for some killer pork loin for you tomorrow!