2007 Ravenswood Sonoma County Cabernet Franc

In preparation for Ravenswood’s second annual tattoo coming out party (which I am going to miss because of a scheduling conflict…Damn it!) I have to review one of the two wines I received courtesy of  Kristen Wastell the Ravenswood Visitor Center Manager.  I have been proudly sporting my Raven laden ink since my twenty-first birthday.  I had no clue about wine then I did however have an eye for a kick-ass piece of artwork (and the crow had just recently come out was inclined ink up with some black birds…)

Anyhow, I sent a pic over on Facebook and got a reply almost immediately.  They will be putting a nice pic of my ink on their wall of fame so I’ll at least be there in spirit.  And in that spirit, here it is:

2007 Ravenswood Cabernet Franc2007 Ravenswood Cabernet Franc

2007 Ravenswood Sonoma County Cabernet Franc

The Nose:  Full of spice and cherry this nose comes on assertively, it is backed up with some floral tobacco and then you are smacked with a cedar plank.

The Taste: Warm cherries with a dash of white pepper, this wine is full of great red fruit and the cedar cigar box is lingering out there, laying in wait.

The Mouth Feel:  Okay, In a sad attempt to mimic some of the sultry writing of Tamra Belgard at http://sipwithme.blogspot.com/, this wine has some characteristics that would be best described in what I would consider her style (Tamara, sorry if I botch this up)  This wine starts out like slipping into silk sheets naked, then the tannins kick in and rip the sheets off and light the bed on fire!  Then it finished you off with a massive velvety release…  (now back to regularly scheduled blogging).

The Color:  Purplish-ruby and glass coating

The Nitty Gritty:
14.5% ABV
200 Cases Produced
$20 At the Winery ONLY (may be wine club only too)
Couldn’t find any other Scores

The Verdict:  Well, I have to say that this wine rocked my socks off!  I paired it up with my “Not Bad –  Dinner for One and a half” New York Strip Steak, sauteed Mushrooms, and fresh green beans, and it was a perfect match.  The acidity stood up to the butter from the mushrooms, fat from the steak, and olive oil on the beans, let it be known, Ravenswood makes no “Whimpy Wines.”  I highly recommend you call the winery and order up a few of these before they run out.

90 Pts. / A-

In Vino Veritas:  This wine was provided to me as a sample (and because I have the tat) pretty sure they wanted me to review this but just so you know…

2007 Ravenswood Cabernet Franc
2007 Ravenswood Cabernet Franc