#PinotNoir Day 2010, My selection #RR #CA, 2007 Porter Creek, Russian River Valley

I discovered this Pinot Noir while volunteering at the Russian River Valley Single Night, this was (IMHO) the best Pinot of the bunch, no offense to the others, it’s my palate after all!  Here’s a link to the wine I am tasting here: Porter Creek, Russian River Valley Estate

Clearly I need to have a conversation with my cameraman, but it’s my first video post, so deal with it!

I guess I should clarify that Domain Carneros may be best known for the bubbly wine, but they make a legit Pinot Noir still wine, check them out http://www.domainecarneros.com/


Update for Joe @suburbanwino :

11 thoughts on “#PinotNoir Day 2010, My selection #RR #CA, 2007 Porter Creek, Russian River Valley

  1. Nice bike, and…I’m pretty sure you broke a law, at least in Chicago. I don’t think boozing it up in a parking lot is legal, even if you did it in a classy way. Way to be a badass.

    Also, Viva #RR!

    1. Well, it is “wine country” but I’m pretty sure there’s some rule about what you can consume on other winery’s property, which would explain why I’m constantly looking over my shoulders in this.

      Thanks for the comment Sam!

  2. Love the post, even if you were partially decapitated part of the time. 🙂 I think anyone who has tried to solo a video can sympathize with your plight on this though. I’ve actually had videos that were completely unusable because I framed the shot so horribly. Good job on adding the “Subterranean Homesick Blues”. 🙂

    #pinotnoir was a lot of fun, and it’s great to see everyone’s recaps of the event. One of these days I’ve got to get out to CA to share a glass or three with you. Cheers!

    1. Thanks Ben. It actually cracks me up watching myself. Funniest part about this (which doesn’t appear to come across in the video) was that I think I was totally nervous.

      I felt like I was in the seventh grade giving a speech in front of the class. My hand was shaking, it was crazy!

      Hopefully I can get some more vid posts, it was kind of cool.


      PS. We definitely need to get together for a glass sometime!

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