Why is Cab King?

Cabernet Sauvigon Cluster - Sonoma Valley
Cabernet Sauvigon

Why indeed!  My personal journey with wine began with this king of wine grape varietals.  I was seduced by its sultry and supple twisting of my taste buds.  I was introduced to really good wine early on as a waiter at a semi-fancy steakhouse back in 1994.  I became acquainted with a little cab from Alexander Valley called Silver Oak.  It has long since been my favorite Cabernet and only until recently it has remained atop my list of sinful pleasures.

I have had a fun journey with wine and spent time pooh-poohing white varietals, and passing other reds, eschewing them as crap and pining for that king of wine, Cabernet Sauvignon.  So what is it exactly that makes this one grape so captivating?

I guess there are many reasons.  First of all the, I would say, the best known wine region (historically) would be Bordeaux, France, the centerpiece of which is our King, Cabernet Sauvignon, with its cohort of Merlot, Cab Franc, Malbec, Petite Verdot, and to a lesser extent Carmenere.  These wines demand the highest prices and receive the highest praise.

Secondly, there must be something more to it than just the praise and history.  It must have something that connects with humans.  Perhaps the taste.  Perhaps the physiology of the grapes themselves.  Big, tight, juicy bunches with thick skins.  Is it that Cabernet Sauvignon is just a great growing fruit, and over time we have evolved alongside this grape and due to survival of the fittest, Cab Lovers dominate?  Well, I don’t know about such things, but hey…  It’s a theory.

King Cabernet
King Cabernet

Regardless of this, Cabernet Sauvignon continues to dominate the wine industry and demands respect from the lesser varietals.  We all know and love this king of the vinifera, and can’t wait for the next report from the wine writing gods, pontificating the 100Pt monster.

So Join us in celebrating its reign, this September 2nd in the #Cabernet Online twitter tasting.  You can sign up for free at http://cabernet.eventbrite.com/

What’s your King Cab of choice?  Is Cab King for you?



7 thoughts on “Why is Cab King?

  1. Cab can beat up any other grape.

    Still haven’t had that bottle of Silver Oak, but I hear the Alexander Valley is actually better than the Napa Valley, for less (depends on the tastes of the assessor, of course).

    For me, some aged Bordeaux is hard to beat. And hard to afford 🙂

    1. Hey Joe,
      Maybe we can crack a bottle of Silver Oak when you’re out in September! And I totally agree, the AV Silver Oak (historically) has been my favorite. Although lately I think my Cab palate is heading east over the hills into Napa. Rubicon Estate’s Flagship is better than sex… No wait, maybe not that good but it’s really yummy.


      1. What’s sex? (there’s a new parent for you). I’ve got a lot of Cab sitting in my little fridge that is giving me an itchy corkscrew finger. Am trying to get my hands on a stash of well-aged Napa and Bordeaux stuff…cross your fingers! I’ll bring some with me if I do.

        I guess I need to coordinate some places to meet with folks when we’re out there. With the kid, Napa may be out of reach (they don’t seem to want kids in their tasting rooms). But, I think we’re staying in Healdsburg, and I’ve need been to any wineries in the Alexander Valley, so that may be a no-brainer!

      2. Plenty of good Cab to be had near H-Burg. You have to check out Yoakim Bridge (call ahead) in Dry Creek, they have a great Cab, oh and Alexander Valley Vineyards has a good one too, “Cyrus” their flagship blend is killer!

  2. I love Alexander Valley cab, Simi Landslide was the first from that AVA that I thought, “God Damn!” Not quite Silver Oak, but it still warms my heart.

    I knew we were kindred spirits.

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