Tonight’s sides and veg provided by our garden



Mia Giardina

I think I’m going to have to start keeping a log of my garden stuff too.

I’m totally stoked, I am growing some hops this year that I will use in some home brews.  I found a cool place that sells hop rhizomes online

Northwest Hops

I just planted this week, so I’ll have to keep a picture log of these guys.  The real trick is going to be keeping my boy out of them.  I have some green beans that have sprouted and he’s been manhandling them!

Happy Earth Day everyone!

I’ve owned many an orchid.  You buy them and they’re full of flowers and buds, you try and try to care for them and they never bloom again.  I had a major milestone this last week.  An orchid an old co-worker gave to me about 5 years ago finally bloomed this week.  Here’s a great shot of its beautiful bloom.

HOPS UPDATE: 4/26/2010

They had a nice warm weekend and are really starting to take off!

Hops are coming along well.  One of my planters is really going gangbusters, the other two are growing but not too fast, oh well, guess I’m just impatient.

So here it is, the end of June and my hops are flowering and are trained up over 9 feet tall now!

Flowering Hops
Flowering Hops

They’re beautiful!

Spiraling Vine
Spiraling Vine

I can’t wait to use these hops in my harvest brew!