CV – Brian J Wing

I’d like to introduce you to me.

Brian J Wing

I’ve always been intrigued by technology ever since I was a kid, I enjoyed understanding systems and how things work together.  I was notorious for taking things apart to see how they worked (my parents can vouch for that).  I love video games!  I credit this for guiding me to the path I’m on today.  Special thanks to my grandmother, who purchased me my first PC.

I was an avid model builder, mostly airplanes and my ceiling growing up, was strung up with every model I built.  I’ve successfully passed that  trait along to my boy Andrew, and at 5 and a half, he now self-proclaims to be an “expert paper airplane builder.”

XWing Model

I’ve been doing IT work since 1998 and have progressed from a helpdesk support tech to managing a global infrastructure team responsible for supporting product development of next-generation access networks hardware and software.  I’m very proud and lucky to have a great team of talented individuals surrounding me.  I find extreme enjoyment in developing and architecting systems that enable people to deliver great ideas and products.

My greatest skill is being able to take a step back and look at (hate the cliche) “the big picture.”  It can be challenging to see the forest for the trees sometimes when your head is down and your focus is so narrow.  I think progressively, but not to the point of adding undue risk.

Next to technology, my favorite thing to do in my role is develop and promote my team’s well being.  Having great people is everything.  Growing talent is more challenging that the most complex computer systems.  I have built a great deal of trust with my team and we have amazing openness and collaborative ability.  Together we can accomplish anything.

I have invested in myself through education and see every interaction as a learning experience.   This is a value I try and instill in my team at every opportunity.  I can only grow if I’m willing to try new things and experience new situations.  In 2012 I finished my MBA at Sonoma State University.

My MBA Cohort

In my off-time I enjoy getting out, be it watching a Giant’s game or hitting the slopes with my family.

Let's go Giants My Skiing Family

I am a fun loving guy who loves to cook and share.  Thanks for checking me out!

My Boss, my Wife!Grillin'Brian Flyin

Here’s a link to my old school resume BrianJWing

Here is my profile on SpiceWorks where I’ve posted a few of my more interesting projects

in Connect with me on LinkedIn

If you are interested in a chat, please reach out, I’d love to talk.



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