Sample Submission & Review Format

I would be happy to review your wine!  I am a Sonoma County local and have had some “formal” tasting education at Santa Rosa Junior College, as well as my own personal experiences in wine tasting and enjoyment.  I have traveled some and have tasted in Italy (Tuscany) and France (Rhone, Val du Rhone and Cote du Rhone), however my focus has been mostly in Sonoma County.  I continue to expand my personal library and palate!

I include the following characteristics in my reviews.

The Nose: Aromatic qualities of the wine reviewed
The Taste: The component tasting of the wine
The Mouth Feel: Viscosity, Body, and general mouth feel of the wine
The Color: <– Obvious isn’t it
The Nitty Gritty: Alcohol by volume, pH, acidity and any other technical notes provided, price, availability and location to purchase.
The Verdict: My subjective opinion of the wine, and recommendation on the wine.

Each of these are my own personal opinion and I tell it like I taste it, even if it’s an unfortunate performer!

Please feel free to contact me via email at  and I will provide you with shipping instructions.

I will share every wine I review on my blog post to my Facebook “Fan/Like” page and via twitter @norcalwingman.  Additionally I may include your wine in a food pairing (I also do some cooking and food blogging).

I will inform you of when I review and post my review so you can re-tweet/re-post my reviews via social media networks of your choice.

Thank you for the opportunity to experience and share your wines with the Internet at large!  It’s a great time for wine, let’s make it great for everyone.

Brian Wing