What do you call a bull masturbating?

Beef Stroganoff.

So I tried to do the beef short rib recipe herre http://www.foodnetwork.com/recipes/tyler-florence/beef-stroganoff-with-buttered-noodles-recipe/index.html. I watched the program on my flight to NYC a couple weeks ago. I clearly didn’t give myself adequate time to cook the shortribs. A good deal of the comments regarding this recipe lambaste the chef for utilizing this cut of meat.

Anyhow, Moving on.

Tonight I attempted this recipe with one substitution. I used some ribeye steaks for the beef instead of shortribs. In this episode, the chef says he uses the herb rub for his prime rib so I figured, why not ribeyes!

Oh aye! I grabbed a bunch of rosemary from the garden, and the rest of the thyme from my poor attempt of the shortribs about a week ago.

So I fired up the oven at 305 for a while and about 3 hours later had some super yummy pulled prime rib. I’m thinking this would have been friggin awesome on some garlic bread as a po’ boy sandwich.

I used a good bit less shrooms and cut the cream/sour cream in half and instead of regular Dijon mustard, I used a stone ground with horseradish (oh yeah). I also substituted the cognac with some gentleman Jack (gotta support the wife’s company).

We served it up on some yolk free egg noodles (damn Olivers for being so hippyish!). And paired it up with a ceasar salad and paired it with some Alexander Valley Merlot from Sebastiani.

Damn this was a good dinner. If I don’t say so myself.